A core focus of Vital Surgical Technologies is to service the Veterinary, Grooming and Equestrian industries. We are a diverse surgical instrument repair, sharpening and retipping company, experienced in powered surgical instrument repair (Hall, Stryker, 3M, MicroAire, Synthes, Brasseler, Zimmer), sales of new, high-quality German-made surgical instruments.  Over 4 decades of technical knowledge and experience has enabled us to be the provider of choice nationwide.

Vital Surgical can also assist with small and large animal clipper blade sharpening, clipper repair, dental instrument repair, retipping and sharpening.   Our scissor sharpening expertise includes Metzenbaum, Mayo, Iris, Utility, Stevens Tenotomy, Strabismus, Ribbon, Littauer, Castroviejo, Sims, Cottle, Weitlaner, Senn, Volkman.

Other instruments we service include, biopsy forceps, nail nippers, nail splitters, pin cutters, bone holding forceps, tissue forceps, elevators, Adson tissue forceps, Backhaus clamps, osteotomes, needle holders, hemostatic forceps, retractor repair as well as orthopedic instruments.

We repair brands such as Webster, Olsen Hegar, Mayo Hegar, Halsey, Derf, Crilewood, Ryder, Gelpi.

We are the service provider of choice due to our high-quality repair work and 24-48 hour rapid turnaround for instrument sharpening!


Below is a list of surgical  instruments that we sharpen. We are continually researching new instruments to increase our service offering. Please contact us if you have any instrument that is not listed here.

  • Scissors
  • Serrated Scissors, Suture Scissors
  • Micro Scissors
  • Nail Nippers, Tissue Nippers, Cuticle Nippers
  • Orthodontic Wire Cutters, Ligature/Distal End
  • Rongeurs
  • Dermal Punches, Trephines
  • Pin Cutters, Bone Cutters
  • Surgical Rasps
  • Osteotomes, Medical
  • Forceps:  Dressing, Tissue, Hemostat, Extraction
  • Micro Forceps
  • Hooks, Picks
  • Needle Holders Align/Reserrate
  • Pliers:  Utility, Orthodontic, Removers, Bird Beak, Debonding
  • Aspirator Tips (repair & buff)
  • Retractors, alignment (parts not included)
  • Biopsy, Nasal, Adenoid Punches

Inquire about some of other exceptional services:

Grooming instrument sharpening and repair

Equine tools and instruments repair and sharpen

Volume Discounts with 20 or more sharpened surgical instruments!

Call 877-437-7095 or Click today!

Volume Discounts with 20 or more sharpened surgical instruments!
Call 877-437-7095 or Click today!