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We are the service provider of choice due to our high-quality repair work and 24-48 hour rapid turnaround for instrument sharpening!

  •  Standard Instrument Repair includes:  Sharpen/hone, debur, align/adjust, remove rust & pitting,
  •  Ultrasonic cleaning, buff/polish & lubricate.
  •  Extensive Repair includes:  Parts replacement and machining.
  •  We sharpen a diverse line of products that may not be listed.  Inquire for pricing before shipping.
  • We can even insure your return shipment upon your request, additional charges apply.


Regulatory Requirement

  • Please sterilize all surgical instruments prior to shipping.
  • Please send all instruments in autoclave pouches as proof of sterilization.

Before You Ship

Please carefully individually wrap each item and securely
place in a box to protect all items during shipping.

Ship To


Please call us before shipping at 1-877-437-7095 or email us for more information.