Dealing with silks or heavy canvas materials can be a challenge. Vital Surgical Technologies can put a precision edge on your shears to help improve your cutting accuracy and reduce material waste.

We support the following industries:

  • Tailors
  • Alteration Facilities
  • Upholstery Shops
  • Boating Canvas Companies
  • Awning Companies

The above industries have a wide range of fabric scissors that need routine sharpening.  Our sharpening services include shears, pinking shears and thread nippers.

You can be 100% confident that Vital Surgical will exceed expectations and become your company of choice for sharpening.


  • Shears
  • Pinking Shears
  • Thread Nippers

Vital Surgical Technologies keeps pricing simple.

  • Textile Shears $10.00
  • Pinking Shears $12.00
  • Thread Nippers $6.00
  • Pricing subject to change without notice.

• Scissor and Threader Sales •

• Comprehensive Sharpening Services •

• We Sharpen All Types of Shears and Threaders •

• Rapid Turnaround Time •

Call 877-437-7095 or email now to start your order. Here’s a link to our shipping page for more information.

Get your tools refurbished FAST so you can stay on schedule.