Vital Surgical Technologies sharpens and restores the edge design features of all types and brands of shears.  We have highly-trained technicians using state-of-the-art sharpening and honing equipment to bring back a precision edge to all of the high-quality instruments being sharpened and repaired. We have a very comprehensive quality assurance process at the final QC stage of the repair to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

The blade is the most important part of the scissor.  There are several factors to consider:

Blade Setting

Convex:  Known for its sharp blade angle and setting, the convex blade is intended for cutting wet hair, point and side cutting.  The cross section of the blade is large and the top of the blade is small.

Semi-Convex:  Similar to the convex blade, but developed with a slight bevel edge at  the angle of a convex edge.

Blade Width:  There are different widths available for blades.  Generally, the wider the blade, the lighter the cut is.  The thinner the blade, the more detail is enabled for use.

Blade Lines:  Blade lines are available in straight or curved.  The straighter the blade, the easier it is to hold hair for cutting without having the hair slide.

Curved Blades:  These scissors are primarily used for vertical cutting or just using the top of the blade.  Also used diagonally, curved scissors are good for making a curved line for a base or slide cut.


When choosing a shear, the material is important when it comes to the quality of the shear.  When considering metal for the blade, it is important to choose the metal that is durable and provides a sharp edge.  Our shears are made of either stainless alloy or cobalt alloy.

Stainless Alloy: Known for it’s hardness, stainless alloy is formed from an ultra-fine composition.  Because of it’s greater hardiness, it is reliable for providing the sharpest edges and durability.  Stainless does require heat treatment (quenching).

Cobalt Alloy: Formed with heat treatment since cobalt already has hardness, this material has been known for providing an excellent edge.  Cobalt alloys also include chrome, carbon, and tungsten in their composition.  It is rust and chemical resistant, which provides a longer life for the scissor.

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