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It is a proven fact that one can hurt themselves more with a dull knife than a sharp knife.  We at Vital Surgical use a state-of-the-art Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Sharpening System to insure the quality of your knife is preserved, while applying the perfect edge with precision technology.

The water cooled slow speed grindstone is in harmony with the physical laws governing the steel tool.  The edge does not overheat and lose it’s hardness.

Don’t forget about your hunting and outdoor blades

The water lubricated grindstone and final power honing on the leather honing wheel work in the same way as benchstone sharpening, except that the motorized process speeds up the work. The leather wheel is impregnated with honing compound and polishes the edge to a razor sharpness.

You can be 100% confident that Vital Surgical will exceed expectations and become your company of choice for knife sharpening.

We are the service provider of choice due to our high-quality repair work and 24-48 hour rapid turnaround capabilities!


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We Sharpen Knives & Blades for Hunting and Fishing

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